Villages Nature

Carte de localisation de Villages Nature

Starting in 2003, Villages Nature (EuroDisney and Pierre &Vacances) wanted to consider a leisure tourist project based on the values of nature, education, sport and innovation. Located in Serris, it receives assistance from public actors, such as EPA Marne. This showcase focusses on cohesion between humans and nature. Villages Nature sought to be exemplary by including us in the project right from the design phase and entrusting us with several missions, from the regulatory study to site monitoring.

We conducted regulatory ecological studies, the flora and fauna aspect of the impact study and the application for an exemption to Article L411-2 of the Environmental Code (CNPN file). The objective of this initial stage was to assess impacts and propose appropriate avoidance, reduction and compensation measures. All of the compensation lots were monitored and management recommendations were made. We also worked on the reversibility of project facilities. We assessed rehabilitation scenarios and estimated the biodiversity gain as a result of the creation of the project and these facilities (e.g.: the lakes, ponds, treelines, etc.).