Feasibility studies in a protected marine area in Antongil Bay

Conservation of biodiversity constitutes one of the main objectives for creation of a Protected Area. In north-eastern Madagascar, Antongil Bay contains items of specific interest and habitats that justify priority conservation (coral reefs, mangroves and marine megafauna, etc.).

The marine conservation and fishery management programmes that already exist in the bay have the shared ambition of promoting the protection of the halieutic resources and the outstanding biodiversity while taking into consideration the pressures on and threats to the Bay’s resources, as well as its special features with regard to the Region’s social and economic position.

In order to extend its sphere of intervention and to be able to protect the whole bay, the WCS commissioned us to lead a feasibility study for the creation of a Protected Marine Area for Antongil Bay, such as required in the Procedure for Creation of Protected Areas in Madagascar.

That study was carried out in several phases:

  • Characterising the natural, economic, social and cultural elements;
  • Bringing together the players linked to the marine environment of Antongil Bay;
  • Assessing the environmental, social and economic issues for the sector;
  • Proposing scenarios for protection.