Grand Paris – L15 Sud Express

Schéma d'ensemble du Grand Paris, SGP.

Société du Grand Paris (SGP) is a public establishment responsible for building the Grand Paris Express. The 15 south line project connecting the Pont de Sèvres and Noisy-Champs stations represents the first stretch to be put in service in 2022.

Under the “DUP” impact studies on the different GPE lines, our analysis of the issues on the concerned sectors highlighted the presence of sensitive natural environments and wooded environments likely to be affected by the project. So, in accordance with the Environmental Code and the Forestry Code, the project includes an“ERC” (avoid, reduce, compensate) process.

We assistedGSP with regulatory studies by integrating the ERC approach and in implementing these measures and actions. We applied all of our skills in this mission in order to ensure the line 15 south project respects its environment, obtains regulatory approvals and effectively implements ERC measures.