Study for creation of a sustainable tourist product centred on the Takherkhort Zoological Reserve

This study was requested by the managers of the Toubkal National Park (the “PNTb”) for the purpose of encouraging and promoting sustainable tourism.  It’s an attractive natural space (especially the ascent of Jbel Toubkal) but the importance of the cultural and natural heritage is still not recognised by visitors.

Through the implementation of a real tourist tool, structured and promoted, in the Takherkhort Zoological Reserve, the aim is to position the park as an important asset for the region, the natural, landscape and cultural features of which can be learned about and taken into account by both the visitors and the various stakeholders in the regional development.

As the agent for the study, we took charge of the co-ordination and completion of all the following assignments:

  • Drawing up a report on the situation and the tourist potential of the Takherkhort Zoological Reserve;
  • Identifying tourist products and services and potential discovery tours, as well as the necessary infrastructure and arrangements;
  • Determining the operating conditions, the equipment and the human resources necessary to run the Reserve’s eco-tourism centre.