Herpetological inventories of the Forêt de Stella of Natura 2000 site FR9400598

inventaire herpétologiques

For the acquisition of scientific knowledge on Natura 2000 site FR9400598, DDTM commissioned Biotope to conduct inventories on amphibians and reptiles of the Stella part of the site. This herpetological prospecting helped acquire new knowledge and revealed the site’s extensive herpetological interest.

In addition to the four species of amphibians described in the FSD of the Natura 2000 site Massif of Tenda and Forest of Stella (Tyrrhenian and Corsican painted frogs, Corsican brook salamander, Tyrrhenian tree frog), two additional species were identified during our prospecting (Corsican salamander and Italian pool frog). The Forêt de Stella part of the Natura 2000 site studied is of undeniable batracological interest: six species of amphibians present of the seven existing in Corsica and the syntopy of the two painted frogs.

The reptilian interest of the Forêt de Stella part of the Natura 2000 site was also re-evaluated with the discovery of a species of Community interest (Annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive): the European leaf-toed gecko observed in the northern part of the study site. Among the management measures, gecko monitoring, health monitoring of the batrachofauna and monitoring of the wetland habitats are recommended. Furthermore, an ecological watch is necessary to avoid any negative impact of potential projects concerning the site’s aquatic and rocky habitats.